About Us

Never Wing It in Wine Country Again





etymology: ancient greek
‘oeno' (wine) + 'nomad' (one who wanders) = One who wanders in search of wine

“Every spring we get a group of oenomads together for a trip to wine country.”


etymology: proto-germanic
'oeno' (wine) + 'mad' (carried away by enthusiasm or desire)

“I’m totally oenomad for this new wine I discovered on my last trip!”


Oenomad connects wine lovers with the people and places that can fulfill their wildest wine fantasies. We do this by allowing you to search and select the amenities most relevant to the type of wine trip you want to experience. From architecture and atmosphere, to all the grape varieties you can handle (and none of the ones you can’t), you can piece together a wine tasting itinerary specific to you and your group. But it doesn’t stop there! By giving you ways to easily record and share your experiences, we help you build memories and stay connected to the wine community for future adventures. It’s the ultimate resource for wine, wanderlust, and (re-)living the dream.



Oenomad was born when longtime San Francisco residents and friends, Kelly Whiting and Emily Crichton, shared their mutual frustration with the lack of comprehensive, modern, and affordable resources available to help easily plan a trip in wine country. They decided there needed to be a better way to search for new wineries, collaborate with your friends when planning, and ultimately find a perfect fit for the unique experience you are envisioning. Together they founded Oenomad in 2015 and have since shared many laughs, laments, ideas, and of course, bottles of wine.



Kelly hails from Miami and has built her career working in digital tech. After finishing her MBA at the University of Chicago and traveling the world, she couldn't resist the call of the California life that beckoned her to the Bay. When she’s not crushing business plans, Kelly can usually be found soaking up the sun with a mimosa or Om'ing it out in a seriously sweaty yoga sesh.



Emily is a Wisconsin native and University of Wisconsin-Madison alum who got bitten by the wine bug over a decade ago and turned her passion into a successful wine sales and marketing career. When she’s not geeking out on wine and Wisconsin sports, she can be found running through the Presidio, playing tennis, or attempting to find the best cioppino on the planet (recommendations welcome).