Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve been working tirelessly to make your wine tasting trip planning fun and easy, but we know that you may still have some questions. Below are the most common inquiries we receive… and by all means, please let us know if we have missed anything by contacting us at . We’re here to help!

Getting Started

What is Oenomad?

First, let us tell you what we are NOT. We are not a concierge service, a booking service, or a limo service. Unlike those services, Oenomad is not trying to push you into a pre-arranged trip that benefits us in any way. 

Oenomad is a tool for planning wine tasting trips that are right for YOU (and whoever is lucky enough to be traveling with you). We make it simple and fun to create the perfect tasting trip by finding the best wineries based on your preferences for atmosphere, amenities, and of course, wine. Then you can build a trip itinerary by mapping the route and scheduling your tastings based on driving times and other stops along the way.

Ultimately we know you will want to remember that perfect trip. So we make sure you can do that too! You can upload pictures, leave reviews, write yourself private notes, and share your trips with friends.

Do I need to login to use the service?

You do not need to login to search the basic winery directory. But why stop there? That is just the beginning of everything available to you through Oenomad. Creating an account login is easy and opens up the full benefits of the service. Once you are logged in, you will be able to build trip itineraries, create a wish list for future trip planning, leave winery reviews, save private notes for yourself, and share your trips with friends.

Why does Oenomad want me to login with my Facebook account?

When you login with a Facebook account, you will have access to the social pieces of the site. You can share wine tasting trips with friends and see all of their favorite wineries, reviews, and shared trips. You can also customize your searches to prioritize wineries that your friends visited and liked.

Don’t worry…we won’t post to your Facebook page (unless you want us to). You can choose to post your trips or favorite wineries to any of your social media platforms if you want to share your Oenomad adventures.

We ask you to ponder this… if an Oenomad falls in love with wine on an amazing wine tasting trip, and nobody sees it on social media, did it really happen??

Alternatively, you can choose to login with an email. You will still be able to build trips, save reviews, and share trips with your friends via email. However, you won’t have access to your friends’ reviews or favorites. Bummer!


How do I get started finding wineries that are right for me?

There are a couple of ways! You can use the Quick Search to get some ideas about what’s out there. To get more customized results, you’ll want to use the Advanced Search feature. Advanced Search lets you choose from a long list of amenities, set your tasting budget, and pick the winery atmosphere you want.

How do I start building a wine tasting trip?

  • Select the heart icon ❤ on the winery image OR select the Add to Trip button on a winery page

  • Both selections give you the option to add the winery to the Wish List or Create a New Trip and add the winery to that

  • Once you have created a new trip and have added wineries to it, you can view the trip under the Trip Planning section

  • There you can start to customize the trip by changing the winery order, visit time, and duration. You can even add your start and end locations, as well as a lunch stop. Now you really know what your day is going to look like and how much time it will take to accomplish everything. Exciting!!

What are the warning notifications on my trip itinerary?

If a warning notification appears above a winery on your trip itinerary, it means that you have conflicts in your trip schedule. Take a closer look at the visit time, visit duration, reservation time, reservation duration, and driving time required between locations. Make sure these are all coordinated so that you are not overbooked in any one location. The warning notifications will disappear once you have resolved any conflicts.

What if I want to remember a winery but am not ready to build a trip yet?

If you just want to remember a winery for later, click the heart icon ❤ to add the winery to your Wish List. Your Wish List can be found under My Stuff. You can add the wineries in your Wish List to trips when you are ready to start planning.

Can Oenomad book reservations for me at wineries?

No, we do not make any wine tasting or tour reservations on your behalf. Many wineries do not require reservations, but for those that do, we provide all the necessary information for you to handle the booking yourself. Once you’ve made a reservation, you can record the reservation time and duration in your itinerary.

I’m planning a trip with my friends. Can we build the trip itinerary together?

You can build a trip and share it with your friends, but only you will have the ability to edit it. If your friends want to make edits, they can Copy the Trip and make edits to their version. You can continue to share the trip back and forth until it’s complete.
We do plan to create ways to collaborate on trip planning in the near future, but these tools aren’t ready yet. Stay tuned!

Winery Directory

Which wineries are included on the site?

At this time, Oenomad features wineries in Napa County, Sonoma County, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Oenomad is focused on making sure that you have access to the most accurate and complete winery information while you are planning a trip. Additional wine regions will be added as soon as we are confident that the data meets our high quality standards.

I know a winery that should be listed but it’s not

We only list wineries that offer tastings. If the winery you have in mind has a tasting room in one of the regions listed above, but is not listed on our site, please click on Add a Winery in the website footer and fill out as much info as you can. We will add it to the site as soon as we verify the information.

Mobile App

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes we do! You can download the free iOS app from the App Store . The Android app is coming soon.

What is special about the mobile app?

The mobile app is the easiest way to keep track of your day by accessing your trip itinerary while you are on the road. You can also leave public reviews, upload pictures, save private notes, and share wineries and trips on your social media sites.

Did your plans change at the last minute? No problem! The app allows you to find wineries near you that are open and that match your unique search criteria. With Oenomad, you will Never Wing it in Wine Country Again!

Can I build or edit my trip on the mobile app?

To create or edit a trip, you must visit At this time, the mobile app does not allow trip building or editing. More features for mobile are coming soon!

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